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Coming Into Your Own!
Women’s Leadership Programmes

…For women making changes
In their lives, in their leadership and in the world

Coming into Your Own (CIYO) is a leadership and personal development programme for women who want to start the next chapter of their lives with authenticity, grace and power.

Coming Into Your Own – Half Day Discovery Experience for Women in Amsterdam

⭐︎ Have you wondered what is the next purpose-driven chapter of your life this year?
⭐︎ Are you ready to learn a powerful but graceful framework for your leadership?
⭐︎ Are you needing time for reflection, regeneration and support?

This Master class provides a systemic approach to Feminine Leadership taking into account our own physical reality and environment in which we live and/or work.

THE elements OF HALF DAY we spent together

– Coming together in the circle/Check in with our internal weather patterns
– Mini-Lifeline work i.e. If our life were a book…to connect with one’s purpose
– Introduction to 4 Leadership Archetypes to begin to consider archetypal leadership dimensions of ourselves, and how they may involve the thresholds we want to cross
– Tap into the wisdom of our sensitive bodies.
– The flow of mindfulness to support our intentions – I notice, I feel, I think, I want…..therefore I will………
– Community as container for growth to experience the gently supportive power of a circle of women from different backgrounds
– Reinforcing our heartlongings.

Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild & precious life? Mary Oliver

This CIYO Masterclass is connected to the International Leadership Programme Coming Into Your Own. For 20+ years this program is an inspiration for and an invitation to a durable transformation for women all over the world, in business as well as in the field of personal development.

This Master class will be guided by Cécile Pernette Masson and Daniëlle Doeve.

Cécile Pernette is sensitive to the systemic reality of people and their environment and inspires harmony and trust from within.

Daniëlle provides a safe and open environment where people connect with their purpose and potential and where transformation can take place.

We are looking forward to welcome you!

Practical info:

Date: To be announced soon!
Time: 13:00 – 17:00
Location: Amsterdam
Price: 125 euro (Excl. 21% VAT)
Facilitators: Cécile Pernette Masson & Daniëlle Doeve

Daniëlle Doeve –
Cécile Pernette Masson –

Registration: / 06 39 71 99 92 / 06 20 63 48 51

Coming Into Your Own, Women’s Leadership Retreat
30 September – 3 Oktober 2018, Centrum Athanor in Lochem

We are all leaders in our own lives, whether this is professionally, in our families or in our wider circles. Coming Into Your Own is a 2,5-day dynamic personal & leadership development program for women who are interested in engaging in a process of reflection, exploration and re-generation. The CIYO programme offers women the opportunity to dig deep into who they are today,  where they have been and where they are heading. It assists women in understanding the relationship between their inner dynamics and their outer life and work challenges.

CIYO Is For You

CIYO is for women who are ready to empower themselves to lead their ideal lives. If you want to have more clarity on your life purpose; how your past can become your strength; how to see what’s hidden inside you, this is the right program for you.
Malek OkeyTrainer/Coach/Artist, Turkey
A recent participant at the Istanbul CIYO

* Are you considering new directions in you professional or personal life?
* Are you wanting to engage leadership challenges from a stronger sense of personal authority?
* Are you needing time for reflection, regeneration and support from a mature   community of colleagues?

If these kind of questions are alive in you, then CIYO is for you.

CIYO is for women interested in exploring questions that include:

  • How can I show up in my full authority and live and lead on my terms?
  • I feel called to shift my focus to the purpose of my live. How can I do this?
  • How do I build healthy environments where we all can contribute and flourish?
  • How can I navigate in a period of transition?
  • How do I show up skillfully and clearly in challenging conversations?
  • How do I find and maintain a work/home/spiritual life balance?


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    Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
    Mary OliverDichter

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    Ceremonie Familie opstellingen
    8 mei 2018 19:00 - 22:00
    Coming Into Your Own, Women's Leadership Retreat
    30 september 2018 17:00 - 3 oktober 2018 13:00
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