Jumping into Source!

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Jumping into Source!

Dearest all,

I’m just in time. It’s two minutes to twelve on the 8th of March. 2 more minutes of international women’s day. I spend the whole (literally) morning with fabulous women from a lot of countries being together in a programme called ‘ Women leaders are coming into their own’. It was facilitated by Barbara, Yolanda, Isabelle and Dorian from the ALIA institute. It was such an inspiring and healing circle of women. It was like bathing in source. I learned so much about myself and my Self and others. A very powerful experience that will guide me on my journey.

I also atttended a dialogue session with Otto Scharmer about embracing the larger forces of change. His Theory U is really making sense to me and I want to make it my own. To integrate it into my system, step by step.

At diner I was sitting at a table with 2 men and 5 women. The holy number of 7. What a strong energy! We were connected in an instant moment and I felt so grateful to be with them and share our dreams, strength’s, thoughts and feelings. What a gift. I also shared my deepest dream to create, build and bring to live an Everyday Temple on IJburg (Amsterdam) together with female architect Lidewij Lenders and projectmanager/writer Marcel Elsenaar. It really resonates with my table soulmates and I believe so strongly that within a couple of years the temple arises. I wish that in 2014 the Global Authentic Leadership Programme organised by Alia Institute / Progressio Foundation will be in the Everyday Temple on IJburg. My tablemates told me to start a blog called Friends of the Temple. It’s getting real! Iekkss… and at the same time I trust the process that I am connected to my purpose in live.

And of course there’s also a challenge. Mine is to stay grounded so I can contain the energy that’s floathing through me. And to find a balance between being a mother, a lover and a friend and what’s also calling me. Luckely for me spring is coming so in the pause I lay down on the grass with my dear friend Annette Beerens. She helped me to sink into my body and to make a connection with mother earth. A peaceful moment of rest.

I go with the flow. Experiencing from moment to moment and see/feel what will be unfold. It is a beautiful journey!

Love and grace,


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